Checklist: 5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing An Insurance Agent

When it comes to insurance, there are lots of options available to choose from, and finding the right agent or broker can be the difference between getting an affordable policy that still offers great coverage, and overpaying for a policy that just isn’t right for you. 


Shopping around for an insurance agent or broker you can trust shouldn’t be stressful, though. If you know the right questions to ask, you will be able to see which agents and brokers have the experience, honesty, and resources to help you make the best decisions about your insurance policies.

You can use the following questions as a checklist to help you when you are looking for an insurance agent or broker:

What are your credentials?
The first thing you will want to know about a potential insurance agent or
broker is what credentials he or she has for selling insurance. Make sure that
the person you are considering is knowledgeable, reputable, and has the
experience necessary to provide you with great options for your policy as well
as great service at a price point that is comfortable for you.

Do you have recommendations I can read or
references I can contact?
Whenever you are looking to hire a professional, you don’t just want to take
their word for how well they do their job—you want to hear what other customers
have to say. Reading online reviews or talking with someone who worked with the
insurance agent or broker you are considering can give you valuable insight
into how responsive and knowledgeable they really are.

Do you only sell policies from one insurance
carrier, or can you offer me options?
Sometimes insurance agents are tied to one particular carrier, meaning they
only sell policies from one insurance company. This can be a major
disadvantage, since you will have fewer options to pick from and a smaller
range of policies and prices available to you. Brokers, on the other hand,
typically handle policies from multiple carriers, so you have greater choice
and flexibility to find customized solutions that fit your budget and needs.

Can I get more than auto insurance with you?
There are some insurance agents or brokers who only sell car insurance or only
sell homeowner’s insurance. But you can save yourself the time and stress of
finding an agent you trust for each different type of insurance if you work
with someone who can help you with multiple policies. This can also save you
money, as bundled auto, home, and life insurance polices can sometimes be

What kind of discounts can you offer me?
Besides the possibility of getting a multi-policy discount, a good insurance
agent or broker can also let you know about any other types of discounts you
might be eligible for, like a good driver discount. Additionally, a good agent
will work with you and your budget, and may be able to offer lower monthly

 These questions are a great starting point to help you vet out which insurance agent or broker has the knowledge and ability to give you the coverage you need while keeping the cost as low as possible. For a head start connecting with an expert broker, give PA Auto Insurance Outlet a call today! 

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